Our Lives on Hold | Trailer

British filmmaker, Patrick Shepherd, sets out to challenge Europe’s increasingly cynical narrative on refugees and migration.

“Refugees are people with dreams and aspirations just like you and me. We would do better to put fear aside and start working together on integration and opportunity building” – Patrick Shepherd, Elephant Song Media.

Patrick instigates a series of conversations with Syrian refugees, as he travels from the Turkey/Syria border – 70 km north of Aleppo, across Turkey on to the island of Lesvos, mainland Greece and Poland.

The conversational style of storytelling is complemented with stunning footage of refugee-run businesses, migration routes, cities, camps, theatre and politically motivated street art and paintings.

Along the way, he talks with aid workers and border protection officials to gain insight into the complex humanitarian and political factors that steer policy and public debate.

Each conversation covers different aspects of forced migration, conflict and the role of the international community. The film hopes to encourage people to better understand the context of why people have to flee.

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